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16. Red Warrior. Manila, PH. writing into rocks to be a future engineer ~
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Having such partner like boyfriend or girlfriend inter collects the thought of love that brings us happiness like no other and smiles full of sunshine, but, it’s not always a moment of wonderful laughs and red roses feelings, because believe it or not it causes us more stress, more pain until it leads us to be a broken-hearted. 

I know someone who’s broken hearted but the nice thing about her is because she doesn’t enclosed her self to be dramatically in vain nor gives her self a cry out loud just because someone dumped her. She’s smiling because for the first time in forever, no one has to hold the things she want to do, he got no one to mind of pressuring her in time allowance, or to deal after calls that are being missed. She’s out of the line of not being able to hang out with some cool friends or even nicer guys. 

She’s broken hearted but it more emhasizes the truth that she has now freedom. She has no one to depended on by any do’s and don’ts of someone who just tell her sweet messages at night and who sends chocolates in the backyard. I can picture her very lively and as free as a bird. In short, she’s happy without a boyfriend. 

You see? It’s not a bad thing at all that you’re a broken hearted. So for everyone that has situation regarding love complications, sudden separation due to stupid third parties or worst break ups, worry no more; think of its positive sense and finally enjoy the perks of being a broken hearted. 

xx yous truly, Tala